Beckford's Tower and Museum

Local History
Age group: KS1
Focus of the Trip: Local History
A fantastic little museum with a very interesting cemetery just outside of Bath. I took my Year 1 class as we had been researching the local area. We visited in summer and the children really enjoyed spending time looking at the different tomb stones and following the paths around the cemetery. We did stone rubbings and sketched the landscape as you can see down into Weston and Bath on a clear day. Our workshop leader provided a fantastic session where the children looked at a variety of Beckford’s treasures and created their own cupboard of special things. The children also got the opportunity to visit the top of the tower and look out over Bath. As the museum is small, we split our class into two groups and this provided both groups with lots of space to explore (one inside and one outside). The trip was very cost effective as we took the Park and Ride bus up to the Landsdown drop off site and walked through the fields over to the tower. At the time of visiting, you could take 10 children free for each paying adult on the Park and Ride. Our favourite part of the trip was looking at Beckford’s tomb, where he was buried with his dog. The children found this hilarious! It was lovely to show the children a view of their city from afar, the reason why Beckford built the tower in the first place.

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