Go Ape Tree Top Junior - Bedgebury Forest

Looking to give your pupils a learning experience they will never forget? Get out of the classroom and bring the tribe on one of Go Ape's tree-mendous school trips. Build confidence, team-work and motivation within your pupils as you zoom down zip-wires, tackle wobbly crossing and swing on giant Tarzan swings, all within some of the UK’s most beautiful forests.

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Science (forces) and self esteem building
Age group: KS2
Focus of the Trip: Science (forces) and self esteem building
I took my class as an end of term treat to Go Ape, with the aim to learn practically about forces which we had been studying in science, but also to build teamwork and self esteem. The trip supported the objectives brilliantly! Firstly, there are useful science teaching resources on the website, and robust information about what to expect. Activities such as the zip wire evidenced forces such as gravity in a great practical way. In addition to that it is both fun and challenging for the children! We did a tree top adventure, which is for children. The children climb through the trees on a variety of ropes and bridges, and there's a zip wire to finish. I took a group of 8-10 year olds who absolutely loved it. There are 2 levels of challenge; everyone starts on the lower level, and then those who feel more confident (which was everybody by the end) could move onto a more challenging course, which had no additional ropes to hold onto. The children can go round as many times as they like within the time given, which allows higher ability children to really crack on! There is a big car park to park for free, and the venue was large, spacious and well signposted. There are covered outdoor tables where you can sit and eat your lunch for free. We brought packed lunches, but there is a small cafe there also. The toilet facilities were clean and accessible to all. The quality of the staff was excellent. They supported and encouraged all children, particularly those who were feeling a little nervous to start. They made it accessible for all, I brought a child with cerebral palsy who was able to access all activities with aplomb! Overall a great trip, the children loved it and the work we were able to do after was very high quality. We studied forces in more depth, but in additional the children wanted to make a mini model of Go Ape so we incorporated D.T. as well. Highly recommended!

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